Less Slogging, More Coordination

Homestay agencies and schools can coordinate so much easier and faster with Homestay Systems.


Hosts can access and update their homestay family profiles online, see compatible study-tour groups or individual hosting opportunities based on distance, availability and other filters, and can apply for any hosting opportunities with a clear view of hosting requirements and fields to express preferences. 


Coordinators can see who has applied for each study-tour group or individual guest and can process applicants with a clear sense of their hosting preferences, family photo, inspection scores, guest reviews, average review score, and other considerations. When confirming a homestay family, declining them or adding them to the backup list, a personalized and customisable email can be sent to the homestay family with a click.


Homestay Systems makes it easy for coordinators to promote hosting opportunities to a custom filtered list of compatible homestay families with mass Email or SMS campaigns including personalized information. Coordinators can see SMS responses and can also send individual Email and SMS messages.


Admin can give coordination staff accounts permission to access any homestay family profiles and to do anything on behalf of host families who prefer to communicate by phone, and much more.


Homestay Systems makes so much more possible and easy, such as easy guest-list matching with confirmed host families, auto-calculating homestay payments for batch-file bank processing, SMS updates to all or some of the host families who are confirmed or backup for a visiting group or individual, and gathering feedback.


Ultimately we save homestay coordinators time and improve processing speed, ease and accuracy by performing many homestay coordination processes automatically or with easy quick button clicks.

Features And Pricing

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US$25 / Guest

Homestay profile management

Manage host family profiles

Import host family profiles

Enable host families to sign-in and update their profiles

Easy maintenence of required "Working with Children" cards, with renewal auto-reminderes

Homestay placements

Identify homestay opportunities and specify who can apply to host

Enable host families to see and apply to host any guests

Confirm host families, add them as backups, or decline them with such ease

Upload homestay itinerary for potential and confirmed host families to view with ease

Import guest lists, auto-match guests with hosts, and manually confirm arrangements

Homestay communication

Email host families when they are confirmed, placed on backup, or declined

When you confirm a homestay family, decline them or place them on the backup list, you will have the option to send an email to them to tell them. A standard template will show, which you may choose to customise for all such future updates or just for an individual email.

Include a personalised summary of available, confirmed and backed-up homestay visits in Emails

Auto-request host to re-view guest data and hosting requirements, and to re-confirm

Send a personalised email to some or all host families from a group or individual's profile

Send a personalised SMS to some or all host families from a group or individual's profile

Auto-SMS confirmed host families 1 day before arrival as a friendly reminder

Enable host families to share reviews of guests, to clarify preferred clients

Auto-email host family 1 day after departure to request reviews

Optionally share relevant online data access with supervisors of tour groups and individuals

Optionally share relevant online data access and processing options with clients and host-schools 


Email and SMS fair use terms apply (Less than 40 Emails and 20 SMS expected per guest placement after reaching 20,000 sent)

Homestay payments

Export an ABA (batch payment) file for easy batch payments with your bank

Import payment remittance file to auto-confirm successful payments


Email paid hosts a detailed payment notification


Clients purchase guest-placement credits at half price (US$12.50 / guest) when initially signing up with Homestay Systems, with a minimum purchase relative to configuration, customization, training and support requirements.

We’ve reduced average staff coordination time per homestay guest from about 90 minutes to about 20 minutes.


The best way to sense how much easier and better homestay coordination can be is to express your interest and for us to arrange a live video walk-through of Homestay Systems.

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About Us

Websight Creative started creating Homestay Systems in 2016 to support Choice Homestay‘s growth in Queensland, Australia.


Homestay Systems now enables Choice Homestay to perform existing processes quicker and easier than ever before, as well as many advanced processes which were not practicable before. This has enabled Choice Homestay to provide advanced homestay coordination to clients and over 3000 guests per year, as well as over 2000 approved homestay families in Queensland, with a small competent core team.


In light of Choice Homestay’s success with Homestay Systems here in Australia, we decided in 2018 to re-create a new and further improved commercially available version of Homestay Systems for homestay agencies around the globe to operate easier and better as well. We firmly believe we are making our world a better place to live by enabling caring homestay coordinators to make easier and better homestay connections and to better support homestay experiences and the creation of ongoing relationships and appreciation for one-another.


This version of Homestay Systems has been created to be highly customizable with varying account permission options, as well as extra accessible, secure, functional and quick, while providing a super-collaborative real-time view of coordination data without needing to refresh. We’re proud to say the outcome of our creative efforts are evolutionary and we look forward to sharing more sense of Homestay Systems with more homestay coordinators here and abroad. Please feel welcome to contact us for more sense of homestay coordination potentials